Podvorye restaurant

«Russia´s most authentic Russian restaurant»


About us

Opened in 1993, the Podvorye ( «Coach House» ) restaurant has since become known as «Russia´s most authentic Russian restaurant». In addition to having its own regular clientele, it has established a reputation in Saint Petersburg and far beyond.

Restaurants at travel destinations worldwide may as a rule be divided into those patronized by tourists and those favored by connoisseurs of fine cooking. Podvorye is remarkable for being equally esteemed by travelers as well as local residents. Intellectuals and aristocrats from various countries, actors, sports figures, politicians – and all those who appreciate the art of good eating and love genuine Russian cuisine– thoroughly enjoy their visits to Podvorye.



Opening Hours:

12:00 - 11:00PM,
8:00AM - 11:00AM breakfasts



16 Filtrovskoye shosse,
Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg,
Russia 196625



(812) 454-54-64(11:00AM to 11:00PM)
+7(931)312-92-04(11:00AM to 11:00PM)
E-mail: 111@podvorye.ru

Оn a note:

Office and accounting: (812)318-73-99
Fax: 242-77-72

How to reach us:

1) from Victory Square (Ploschad´ Pobedi) take route Е95 (highway to Moscow). Make right turn to Pushkin and proceed further till railway. Turn left without crossing the railway and drive some 1,5 km. straight untill you see the restaurant (authentic Russian wooden building) to your right.

2) from Victory Square (Ploschad´ Pobedi) take route to Pulkovsky highway, turn on Pushkin (an underground tunnel on the left), through Shushary, through the the railway reach the Pushkin. Pass through Pushkin by streets: Peterburg shosse, Dvortsovaya, Srednyaya, Sadovaya streets, Pavlovskoye shosse, under the railway bridge (entrance to Pavlovsk) and turn to the left.