To all Travel Company Executives and Heads
The Podvorye Restaurant stands for traditional Russian cuisine!

A bear greets the guests with a glass of vodka; our menu opens to a variety of meat and fish courses, game felled in the hunting fields, classic Russian soups and an assortment of pickles. True to Russian tradition, our helpings are served generously; while a full panoply of vodkas are served - from Birch-bud to Horse-radish or Cranberry to name but a few - all made specially for Podvorye on site at Verkhniye Mandrogi, Leningrad Region.
We are ever glad to see you and ever ready at your service!


Opening Hours:

12:00 - 11:00PM,
8:00AM - 11:00AM breakfasts



16 Filtrovskoye shosse,
Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg,
Russia 196625



(812) 454-54-64(11:00AM to 11:00PM)
+7(931)312-92-04(11:00AM to 11:00PM)

Оn a note:

Office and accounting: (812)318-73-99
Fax: 242-77-72




We offer you to taste dinner wich uncludes the most popular russian dishes.

The price in day time 12:00-16:30 – 2400 rubles.

The price in evening time 16:30-21:30 – 2800 rubles.

Beef with zakhtony sauce

80 g

Homemade pork

40/20 g

Stuffed tomatoes (cheese, mayonnaise, greens, garlic)

85 g

Assorted pickled vegetables

115 g

Mushroom julienne

100 g

Borsch (traditional Russian vegetable soup)

300/20 g

Stuffed cabbage

150/20 g

Pancakes with red bilberry,honey and Ice-cream

90 g

Coffee or tea

100/150 ml

Mineral water

150 ml

For groups of 20 persons and more the menu above also includes alcohol drinks and live folklore music.




Central Hall

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Lower Hall

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Cossack Hall

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Large and small Halls

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 Ensemble «Podvorye»:


How to reach us:

1) from Victory Square (Ploschad´ Pobedi) take route Е95 (highway to Moscow). Make right turn to Pushkin and proceed further till railway. Turn left without crossing the railway and drive some 1,5 km. straight untill you see the restaurant (authentic Russian wooden building) to your right.

2) from Victory Square (Ploschad´ Pobedi) take route to Pulkovsky highway, turn on Pushkin (an underground tunnel on the left), through Shushary, through the the railway reach the Pushkin. Pass through Pushkin by streets: Peterburg shosse, Dvortsovaya, Srednyaya, Sadovaya streets, Pavlovskoye shosse, under the railway bridge (entrance to Pavlovsk) and turn to the left.